Through an innovative controlled release technology, our bandages for wrist, elbow, knee and ankle may be filled with any natural substance or drug, with an effective through-the-skin releasing action. Due to the technology applied to our products, the active ingredients are not only preserved in a natural way, but they are released onto the skin through a regular and homogeneous process, ensuring maximum effectiveness. In fact, the active principles are integrated into the fabric through a natural substance that maintains all the characteristic s unchanged over time, but which in contact with the skin allows the gradual release.

Maximum comfort for the best result:
Yanga elastic tubular bandages are the best solution for who needs an application on joints: in fact the classical patch is unable to make free movements without the risk of detaching from its position, even if maintained in position by an elastic net. Conversely, the tubular elastic bandage also has the undoubted advantage that it can be lifted off and subsequently repositioned without losing effectiveness (for example in the pool, in the shower, etc..).

Bandages releasing Arnica, White willow and Devil’s Claw: these natural ingredients are known in the literature as effective to soothe muscle aches, sprains and bruises and to reduce inflammation (*). Bandages releasing Aloe, Violet, Poppy and Melaleuca: these natural substances are known properties aids in the treatment of psoriasis and other processes of drying and thickening of the skin.

The fragrances:
In addition to the release of active ingredients is possible to activate fragrances that make more enjoyable the use of these products. Among the most effective fragrances, can be included those derived from citrus fruits, especially orange, lemon and bergamot, which extracts, in addition to their fragrances, have many beneficial characteristics. They are in fact antioxidants, antibacterials, anti-inflammatories, disinfectants, preservatives, and – in addition – they exercise control over the mycotic growth.

(*) Arnica
A study conducted in 2007 in the field of osteoarthritis showed that arnica (Arnica montana), applied in the form of gels, determines the same beneficial effects of gel containing ibuprofen, a common anti-inflammatory non-steroid.