About us

YANGA specialises in the production of medical fabrics, producing 100% Italian-made articles since 1974 offering innovative solutions for the European and international markets.

Particularly known and appreciated for its experience in the production of orthopaedic articles, much in demand in various fields of business.

YANGA products fall into three main categories: medical, technical and protective devices.

What makes the company truly unique is its outstanding ability to use circular knitting to create customised articles bringing innovation into such diverse fields as shipbuilding and design.


The path to innovation is built with:

Teamwork: in the company and with external partners

Attention: only by listening to our customers’ requirements can we bring true innovation into their everyday lives

Comprehension: an essential ability to interpret requests and respond with solutions

YANGA applies this ethic to all aspects of the company: product research and development, internal and external relations, environment.

Supporting people who bring well-being with innovative tools is YANGA’s mission.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development work is guided by the demands of our customers and the market, with the goal of coming up with customised products responding perfectly to consumers’ demands, 100% Made in Italy.

Joint development with a number of hospitals has allowed YANGA to triple its product range with a whole series of orthopaedic products featuring advanced design responding to clinical requirements.

On the basis of this philosophy of listening to requirements, over the years YANGA has conducted research for the development of specific high-tech products with Italy’s national research institute CNR, Politecnico di Torino, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and NASA.

YANGA is a member of Unione Industriali Biellese industrialists’ union and the Polo d’Innovazione Tessile, a centre for innovation in textiles, playing an active role in Europen projects focusing on research into new technologies and innovative textiles and medical products.

This research has given rise to controlled release products and bandages capable of changing colour with changes in the skin’s pH.

Nella nostra storia...

Yanga and NASA

In 2005 YANGA worked with NASA on development of undergarments for astronauts on Space Shuttle missions that promote capillary circulation and muscle tone in zero-gravity conditions.

This research has given rise to REDIGO, for the prevention of “economy class syndrome”.


YANGA products were created to respond to demand in:

Emergency wards
Plaster rooms Clinics (orthopaedics, traumatology, dermatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation)
Pharmacies and Orthopaedic/Medical facilities
Sports Medicine

The latest new products from YANGA include:

REDISILVER: a highly innovative product offering outstanding protection against electromagnetic fields, designed specifically for wearers of pacemakers, defibrillators and other electrical medical devices (such as pharmaceutical microinfusors), but also useful for personal protection

REDINATURAL: a new type of releasing bandage which may be filled (using nanotechnology) with natural active ingredients (arnica, aloe, etc.) to gradually release the molecules in contact with the epidermis

REDISTERN: a post-operative aid following cardiothoracic surgery (sternotomy) allowing patients to perform respiratory movements and violent exhalations (coughing, sneezing, etc.) without expansion of the chest.

All YANGA products are entirely made in Italy and CE marked under directive 93/42/EEC (class I).

YANGA is certified by QS under standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

YANGA for society

YANGA has a special awareness of particularly fragile persons and of the importance of promoting culture.

This sensibility has evolved into active commitment, growing over the years through involvement in specific activities:

Teatri Tascabili or “Pocket Theatres”, an artistic project bringing all the profundity of theatre to schoolchildren, paediatric patients and others free of charge.

Support for the association “Non sei sola”, or “You are not alone”, for women suffering from domestic violence, with the project “Synergies: a mask to give a voice to gagged women” with the involvement of world-renowned Argentinian artist Silvia Levenson.