REDIGO® is ideal in the prevention of the so-called “Economic Class Syndrome“, or deep vein thrombosis on long haul flights and trips that require a person to remain seated for long time (car, train, airplane…).
REDIGO® is a seamless elasto-compressive tubular bandage that provides homogeneouspressure and constant support. In more serious cases, large blood clots can form and make a healty person collapse or even lead to death without them showing any specific symptom.
Blood clots are formed mainly during the first hours of flight with the risk to grow and become more dangerous over time. Those most at risk are pregnant women, women taking contraceptives or hormone treatments as well as people with specific circulatory problems, although cases have been reported in subjects perfectly healthy and not under drug treatment.During all types of travel (airplane, car, train, etc.), drinking plenty of water and wearing the compressive tubular bandages – that help ensure a proper leg compression facilitating the deep circulation – the risk of venous thrombosis can be reduced by 3-4% to 0.2-0.3%