YANGA® fender covers are in a double layer of tubular polyacrylic fabric (Dralon), and have no side seams, unsightly and potentially damaging to the sides of boats.

YANGA® ensures the production of waterproof tubular fabric, guaranteed with unique features such as excellent resistance to outdoor salt water, chlorine, acids, oxidizing agents, solvents and bleaches. The fender covers by YANGA® are entirely produced in Italy; they are high-tech products manufactured according to the measures of Polyform fenders, to which they perfectly fit.

The top edge is inextensible, to prevent slipping along the fender due to enlargement of the tissue. The double layer of stretchable fabric ensures a high mechanical strength and a long life of the product, much higher than that of a normal monolayer.

Advantages: Protect the sides of the boat from fenders abrasion and rot.
The quality of the fabric provides excellent UV resistance, thanks to the choice of yarns with Outdoor solidity that does not bleed, do not dunk, and, thanks to its texture, it does not slip.
Protection of fenders from damage of UV rays, which soften its material and may release residue on the sides of the boat.
No stressful fender noise disturbs the quiet of the night.
No difficulty in fenders cleaning: simply wash the fender covers in the washing machine.

Available in colors: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Bordeaux, Black, Hazel, Red, Grey.

Possibility of customization for special measures and colors (stripes, etc..).