REDISILVER® is an innovative protection against electromagnetic fields specifically designed for people with pacemakers, defibrillators or other electrical devices (eg. Infusion of drugs, etc..), but also useful in protection of persons.
The REDISILVER® t-shirt is indicated for people with electrical devices, active or passive, sensitive to electromagnetic fields which, because of interference with an electromagnetic field may change the internal programming, firmware or otherwise to their functionality features.
The characteristic of REDISILVER® derived from an application of the Faraday cage, made this a very thin weft threads of silver metallic compound intimate with cotton yarn.
The attenuation of the electromagnetic field leads – depending on the involved frequencies – to values greater than 95%.
Silver also has well known bacteriostatic properties and provides the electrical conductivity of the fabric while it maintains a very high transpiration and comfort.

The REDISILVER® shirt can be a valuable protection for people and devices who can suffer the influence of an electric field, such as in:

Food (microwave ovens, sterilizers, ovens for drying, destruction of insects and larvae in cereals and tobacco, etc.).
Electronics industry (refining of semiconductors, fiber optics, welding).
Paper industry (drying).
Wood industry, where power sources are used in a range of a few kW to several hundred kW.
Steel industry, where the power of generators varies between 1 kW to several hundred kW.
Plastics industry (heating of resins, molding plants, etc …).
Medical equipment operators (diathermy, stimulation of osteogenesis, diagnostic techniques (NMR), radiotherapy, etc.).
Factories, offices: in proximity of transformers, electrical panels, cable trays and busbar systems, computers, servers, processors, etc.
Metal detector (for example in airports, government and justice offices, etc.).
Portable communication systems such as walkie-talkie (in the CB and VHF bands, namely 27 and 144 MHz) and mobile phones (ETACS, GSM, DCS and UMTS networks, 450 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2500 MHz).

Composition: Cotton Mako 90%, Silver® 10%.