Pure 100% cotton rib shirt, in natural color, for orthopaedic and dermatologic use, studied to ensure an optimal transpiration and an ideal coverage. Bandage ready, practical and easy to wear.

IN DERMATOLOGY: suitable for covering large areas of skin subject to infection. Suitable as a protective bandage in the treatment of burn.

IN ORTHOPAEDICS: ideal under plaster bandages or surgical material, as undercast vest. With long term casts it is useful to wear two shirts: one exterior remains in contact with the plaster, while the inner one, in contact with the body, can be pulled up and taken off through the cast windows, in order to be changed whenever necessary.

REDISHIRT® can be cut off to shorten it at the desired length, and holes can be obtained without it is frayed or laddered. Washable at 30°C. Sterilizable by steam, ethylene oxide or gamma rays.
REDISHIRT® is available in 5 different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.
Its elasticity makes it easily adaptable for intermediate sizes.