REDIGRIP® tubular elasticated bandage is designed to provide the ideal pressure and support over the area to which it is to be applied.

REDIGRIP® compared to traditional bandaging offer the following advantages:

Easy to apply and re-apply.
Provides constant even pressure and support.
Tubular construction allows complete freedom of movement and eliminates the need for pins or tapes. Unlike traditional bandage REDIGRIP® remains securely in position ensuring lasting effective support.
REDIGRIP® can be washed and sterilized.
Fast and easy to apply REDIGRIP® saves time and reduces bandaging costs making it an economical alternative to crepe and elastic bandages.
10 m rolls reduce wastage by allowing you to cut only the length required.

REDIGRIP® may be used in all cases where radial support is required:

Control of joint effusions, general support of soft tissue injuries, arm fixation and rib cage injuries.
Aids rehabilitation and reduces risk of swelling following removal of POP.

Prophylactic treatment of deep vein thrombosis during surgery.

Contusions, distortions, dislocations, treatment of soft tissue injuries, joint support and protection.

Abdominal support post-partum.

Pressure treatment of burn scarring and prevention of contractures.

In the injection compression treatment of varicose veins.

Treatment of varicose veins, prevention and control of edema.