REDIGAUZ® tubular bandage represents an extremely practical and reliable method of fixing wound dressing.
Tubular bandages replace the need for traditionally used flat gauze bandages which must be wrapped around the part to be covered and permit full freedom of movement.

REDIGAUZ® bandages have an unbroken surface, and therefore do not become loose; wounds or sensitive areas of skin remain protected.

REDIGAUZ® is highly versatile, being suitable also for traction bandages, as a skin shield under plaster of Paris bandages, or as a covering material for splints and cotton wool padding.

REDIGAUZ® is manufactured from bleached cotton, natural cotton, synthetic and polypropylene.
Redigauz is water repellent and can be autoclaved to provide sterile dressings.

REDIGAUZ® is available in cotton 100%, synthetic 100%, Polypropylene 100%.